My concerns with the Social Justice Movement within the Church

Updated: Feb 1

I feel the need to begin this blog with some affirmations:

I believe racism against black and brown people in America exists.

I believe the Church ought to speak out against this racism as it does so with abortion, religious liberty violations, and sexual slavery.

The death of unarmed black people at the hands of police officers is evil. There is no reason anyone ought to die while in police custody.

I also wish to communicate my hope for people surrendered to Jesus Christ and holding to the inerrancy of Scripture to reach out to me with any correction should I be off base in my comments. I write this humbly, seeking to love God and my neighbor.

I have not seen a clear presentation of the Gospel through it.

If racism is sin, then racist people are sinners. If racist people continue in this sin, then they are unrepentant sinners. Unrepentant sinners are presently headed for hell unless they repent and believe in Jesus Christ for salvation. Do we want racist people to be saved? Are racist people capable of being saved?

Reverse racism is not the answer.

I am not surprised that an unbelieving world responds to our present situation with reverse racism against white people. I expect sinners untouched by the Gospel to go on sinning. I am surprised that Christians are going along with the ideas put forth by unbelievers who deny their Savior as real solutions. Below is an example of reverse racism. If you don't believe it is, just replace the word 'white' with any other color and see how ridiculous this statement is.

"A positive white identity is an impossible goal. White identity is inherently racist; white people do not exist outside the system of white supremacy."

-Robin DiAngelo in White Fragility

An unbelieving world has no other response to our present issues because they have not encountered the love and grace which comes from submitting to Jesus Christ. They have no taste of the forgiveness of your own sins which flows out to forgiving those who sin against you. White people have been sinning against black people in this country for a very long time. We need forgiveness - a forgiveness which flows from black brothers and sisters as they have experienced it in Jesus Christ. Forgiveness is the real solution.

God created every person from the same two people: Adam and Eve. From those two people came every person who ever lived, and every skin color, and every ethnicity. Everything exists for His glory. A black person ought to be able to say "Thank you God for making me black. You made me so, and you are glorified by it." A white person ought to be able to say "Thank you God for making me white. You made me so, and you are glorified by it." If either of those statements make you cry supremacy, that's you writing in your interpretation and intent into the words.

The government cannot be reformed enough to eradicate systemic sin.

Sinful people control government systems, which means the effects of sin will be present as long as sin remains. Christians look forward to Christ's return and the establishment of a reign free from sin. The perfection you are looking for is found in Jesus Christ. To think we can fix these issues through reforming the government is actually an exercise of humanism - worshipping our own abilities and gifts. Humanism is the idol of America, and combining it with the Gospel creates a false gospel. This has been the error of liberal theology for centuries.

However, this inability to make real change happen should not keep us silent. We ought to always hold our elected officials to high standards, removing anyone from office who denies the humanity of anyone or negligently allows injustice to continue. Christians need to be the loudest voice against systemic racism, abortion, and other state-sponsored sin. At the same time, we know that the final victory will truly come when Jesus returns. We have joy in this, pleading with the most horrendous sinners to come to Christ and find rest.

Our identity in Christ is put after our racial identity.

While our ethnic diversity is important to who we are, nothing surpasses the fact that we are hidden in Christ, that He is our life. (Col. 3:3) We are new people in Christ. While we will always carry products of our upbringing and surroundings in this life, the new identity in Jesus transforms us in fundamental ways. One of these ways is that we identify closer with other Christians than we do with unbelievers of our own ethnicities.

The Bible is portrayed as insufficient.

We are all guilty of picking and choosing which parts of the Bible we emphasize and which parts we neglect. We are the issue, not the Word. It is imperative for us to constantly ask the Lord for humility and correct interpretation. The Bible has been wrongly used to justify slavery against black people. It has been wrongly used to justify the invasion of lands and genocide. Those who do so stand condemned. May we not be found condemned with them. Help us, Lord Jesus.

I want to see racism defeated, but I want Christ preached even more.

I want to see abortion defeated, but I want Christ preached even more.

I want to see ___________ defeated, but I want Christ preached even more.

They will all be defeated at Jesus' return! Until then, let's seek out the least of these in Jesus' name.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is still the answer. Christian, will you keep believing that today? May the Lord bless you as you seek Him. If you call on His name as I do, let's stay faithful to the Great Commission.

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